360° NAILS
Part 1: Tutorial Video 2:05 min
Part 2: 360° Video 12:10 min
Part 3: Photographies

online release December 2019
Nadjas Nail Art Residency http://nadjas-nail-art-residency.org
hosted by Nadja Buttendorf

A 360° camera is attached to the fingernail. With this setup a scene can be recorded from the perspective of the fingernail. Nobody can escape the 360° Nail's-eye view.
360° cams belong to the much broader field of the typical action-cams. These small, water and shock proof cameras are usually mounted on helmets, bicycles or motorcycles etc. While the typical action-cam style often depicts extreme sports etc., the 360° Nail opens a completely new perspective. The fingernail itself becomes a tripod.
In the turorial video it is shown how the extended gel nail is drilled while being attached to the finger. A 6mm hole is necessary to mount the tripod screw. In the following 360° Nail's-eye view the Nail Art Resident Sabrina Labis and Nadja Buttendorf can be joined through a greasy lense, eating fries and talking unfiltered tech talk.

using allyou.net